MAGIOVE 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset Best Mobile Phone 3D Movies for iPhone + Stereo Headphones

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Currently unavailable

1. Suitable with 4.0– 6.0" mobile phones

2. Suitable individuals: 0-600 level myopes

3. The major material: ABS + COMPUTER plastic

4. The mask material: Breathable leather

5. The bands material: high elastic wool material

6. Size: 199 * 116 * 108 (mm).

7. Weight: 300 g.

If dual vision and fuzzy vision are found, please check your item as the below suggestions:.

1. Please check if you remove the safety film on the lens, eliminate the secure movies and CLEAN the lenses before use.

2. Please examine if your video clip and pictures are 3D layout, as well as if they are clear enough. Please select the clear 3D video clips as well as photos to view.

3. Please make the limit of your videos as well as photos straighten the limit of the VR glasses when put the mobile phones in the Virtual Reality.

4. Please wear the Virtual Reality glasses, after that readjust pupil distance by rolling the gear on the top, and change the object distance by transforming the left as well as appropriate knobs till get the most effective 3D vision. (You need to take couple of seconds to adjust the 3D vision after modifications.).

For me, I take full advantage of the pupil and things range to get the very best 3D effect for my apple iphone 6 plus.

3. We have downloaded and install some apps (Discovery VR, Inspection: VR & 360 Videos, YouVisit Virtual Reality, VR Video World as well as VeeR Virtual Reality) on apple iphone and android phones for test our 3D VR glasses. They are functioning excellent.

If there is still any kind of issue with your thing, please call with us easily. We will certainly try our best to address your issues.

Thank you!

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