D Dr. Health Mini Crazy fit Vibration Platform Machine- 1000W

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Dr. Health Crazy fit vibration maker

[Fundamental information] Shade: Luxury Gold/Bright Black. Max power: 1.5 HP Amplitude: 013 MM Dimensions:42.1 * 25.6 * 17.7 inches. Weight: 34.5 lb. Weight Capacity: 250lb. Speed level: 1-99 levels. Input voltage: 110V/ 60Hz Input Power: 1000 W.

[PLAN INCLUDES] Wireless Remote Controller Power Cord Exercise Bands.

Straightforward Instruction Manual [MAKER RUNNING] 3 Modes: M1 ~ 30 degree, M2 ~ 50 level, M3 ~ 80 level. After continue and also START, You could just push "M" Instead of pushing "speed (save time); 3 programs: P1 ~ 15level, P2 ~ 25level, P3 ~ 50level. After press "ON" you could choose AUTO programs by press "P", yet you require "START" to make the Auto program working. Notification: During MODES AND PROGRAMS, you cant rise time or rate. Default time set is 10mins.

[CAUTION] DO NOT PUSH OR PULL the handrail with all you weight Use of Wheels: understand there is a suction FOOT near to the wheels, in instance of harming the foot, you need to take off the foot prior to dragging the maker around Disconnect from the keys supply when NOT IN USE Pregnant or have any type of know or recurring clinical problems, suggestions needs to be drawn from your medical professional prior to utilize. Please maintain youngsters away from the machine when in operation.

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