The wild hunt: Åsgårdsreien PAINTING CANVAS STRETCHED art norse mythology Peter Nikolai Arbo reproduction (Large)

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1 Inch = 2.542 centimeters; This is new paint extended on canvas on printer with excellent quality. It is a reproduction. Bush Hunt is also referred to as "The Last Battle of the Gods against the Evil Forces" or "Ragnarok". It is an old people misconception widespread across Northern, Western and also Central Europe. The basic intention in all art that offer it coincides: ghost group of dropped armed warriors, Gods, semi Gods, Valkyries, dogs, horses in a crazy quest throughout the skies or along the ground, or just above it. They are led by the Supreme God – Alfather (Odin/ Wotan/ Krom). The most renowned name of the dropped warriors is Odin's army or Wotan/ Wodan's military. Some languages referred to as Woudan. They originate from Valhalla – their house when the they dropped with honor in battle. Its likewise the Hall of the Gods. Valhalla is also referred to as Balhalla which indicates in Kimmerian language White Hall or White Dragon. Various other names of the misconception in different languages: – Wilde Jagd (German: "wild hunt/chase"); Wildes Heer (German: "wild military"); – Herlaþing (Old English: "Herla's assembly"); – Woden's Hunt; – Herod's Hunt; – Cain's Hunt; – The Devil's Dandy Dogs (in Cornwall); – Gabriel's Hounds (in northern England); – Ghost Riders (in North America); – Mesnée d'Hellequin (Old North French: "home of Hellequin"); – Cŵn Annwn (Welsh: "canines of Annwn") – Divoký hon or štvaní (Czech: "wild search", "baiting"); – Dziki Gon or Dziki Łów (Polish); – Oskoreia or Åsgårdsreia (originally oskurreia) (Norwegian: "noisy bikers", "The Ride of Asgard"); – Odens jakt or Vilda jakten (Swedish: "the quest of Odin" or "wild hunt"); – Divja jaga, implying "the wild searching celebration" or "wild quest", in Slovene; – Caccia Morta (Dead search) or Caccia selvaggia (wild hunt) in Italian; – Estantiga (from Hoste Antiga, Galician: "the old military"); – Hostia, Compañan and Santa Compaña ("army, business") in Galicia, and also güestia in Asturias; ETC.

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