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Ode-Rin Art is a firm focused on the art of painting, our firm's painters have years of paint experience. In the paint materials, we select the most effective materials available on the marketplace, combined with the artist's excellent paint techniques, each paint is very ideal, so we could offer you the best products and also perfect shopping experience.

Meaning of Painting Art

The oil paint is abundant in shade, solid three-dimensional structure, is just one of the most popular art types. Oil paint is typically a good wall design, the appropriate painting could improve the quality of residence decor.

Maintain Oil Painting

Due to the fact that oil painting is oily, even if there is dirt, we could clean gently with a wet towel. Please stay clear of the long-lasting direct sunshine, because UV color will cause color fading as well as discoloration. The place of hanging images must be aerated as well as moisture-proof, as for feasible away from the shower room and the cooking area, to avoid damages of the canvas caused by dirt, fumes and musty. Wet paintings need to be gradually dried out, avoid paint falling off because of direct exposure. These are helpful to extend the life of oil paintings.

Often Questions & Answers

1. Smell treatment
The new painting, due to the fact that it could not dry and also various other problems, causing a slight odor, and also can be put in the color, deposited for concerning a week, odor can be eliminated.

2. Small sticky mark
Because our oil paints have plastic film product packaging, a tiny part of oil painting might have traces of attachment, then simply gently wipe with a wet towel.

Product packaging

Our product packaging uses numerous procedures to ensure the safety and security. Each photo is covered with a plastic film, four corner shields and a thick carton.

Sale Support

All our art works have a 100% money back assurance, as long as you find any kind of problems, you can call us to return or exchange.

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